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   Diane guides kids how to consciously practice

 yoga and other physical exercises, experience

 the benefits they have for their bodies, minds,

 and spirits! Throughout the practice, Diane encourages

 children to breathe peace, love, and acceptance into    their hearts.

  Through stories and  "peaceful pebbles" activities

 (involving small hand-painted stones with inspirational  

 phrases and pictures), 

  Diane will guide your children on an amazing journey that they will cherish for a lifetime!




for kids.

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                                   For our Children

                      peace, unconditional love, no hate...

       My classes offer non-judgement, yoga with peaceful Pebbles, Stories with Morals, Positive Affirmations, mindfulness, Journey's in bare feet, belly laughter, breathwork, meditation, so much more.

                    Love, gratitude, A safe place...

            Empowerment... Encouragement... Peace...

                  If we fall...    We Get Back Up

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