United We Stand

United We Stand… Stop Hurting People…

Hello fellow souls…LOVE is in the air… just a small kind gesture, like a smile…

Or perhaps…

A smile for your hand       PEACE

It feels good to give it and receive it      LOVE ROCKS!!

Breathe in the new season…the new air.

Fill your lungs as you inhale it all in.

Live in the moment ..its all we have .

Right here…Right now!

Pass it on..




Hello extended family! Like it or not, were all related or shall I say connected. I happen to like it!

I found that somethings are easier than others with my non-dominant hand. Driving was pretty easy…loving my Olive You (my mini-schnauzer) was super easy to allow my awareness to shift. Brushing my teeth however…well that made me laugh! Starting a cartwheel with my left hand was dangerous but adventurous…LOL . Then again a cartwheel on any side can be dangerous. Some of you took this simple task of mindfulness to a heightened awareness, a sense of discovery, curiosity even..Bravo

Have you ever noticed trees? I mean like really noticed trees… Their  height, demeanor even. How the center of earths gravity is grounding them to stand erect. Perhaps through your eyes they are  gnarly , their bark is smooth and white or speckled with green moss. Big chunky roots that erupt from the ground ..overlapping , twisted and strong. Both ominous and fragile . This beautiful amazing gifts from nature sharing our space, enriching our lives, sharing their lives with us..never judging. We are all creatures of the earth being drawn to the center of gravity..right?

I invite you to be mindful of your feet…while your walking or running to your car because your in a hurry. Really practice appreciating the bottoms, the “souls” of your wonderful feet. While your just them on the earth and feel the wonderful little pads on each and every toe. Tap them out to your favorite Love them with your hands and massage them , every beautiful inch of them. mostly try to be aware of them throughout your everyday activities. Be thankful for them! Be Rooted my wonderful family!




Hello my friends….So Im trying to practice mindfulness. I read lots of different articles and books about this everyday , and often throughout the day. In addition, my friends chime in with there two cents now and again. Often its really worth a lot more than that…usually not. But, I keep it to myself. Anyway, theres lots of information out there . Some of it is really cool and interesting and some of it is just woo woo shit ( my opinion).

Anyway, this week  Im trying something I read..for fun..Using my non-dominate hand as much as possible, as often as I can, and when I remember (it is a mindfulness exercise after all).   Try if you remember..Ill fill you in on my experience.