Mighty Warriors Traing Camp
July 9th and 10th... PEACE BIGINS WITH ME!
July 17th AND 18TH... LOVE ROCKS!
July 24th and 25th...GRATITUDE OS OUR
                       ATTITUDE !  
July 31st and Aug 1st...MADNESS MEANS      
                       MEDITATION ...
Aug 14th and 15th...KINDNESS MATTERS!
Aug 22nd and 23rd...DREAMERS AND        
                      BELIEVERS !



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An Unlikely Story


Yoga, mindfulness journey's, dreamy, dream catchers, 

we will be painting peacful pebbles , meditating, practicing  peace, creating art and 

so so much more..

This camp is unique, amazing and will be 

cherished by your child...





Birthday parties

    Children have a blast in my classes but,

                its really special


             when I bring my mats and


         acivities to their very special day!

               HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!



 CALL US: 508-918-3965   info@myyogastrong.com




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Children are our future....

Through yoga and stories,

 mindfulness activities and peaceful pebbles

we learn empathy and love...we learn how to utilize our breath when we need it most.

IN these amazing classes children learn that they really matter.

Empowering our children with yoga poses, encouraging children to care for their

bodies, hearts, their souls. To fly.

dance..Be kind..Be True..Be You!




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